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The “Digital Radio for Ireland” report was launched at the BCI on Friday. It’s an overview of the industry’s position on the future of Irish digital broadcasting compiled from the views of key commercial, public and independent operators including our company. The report recommends a Digital Radio Forum be established to conduct more research to [...]

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Short article in todays Irish Independent about where DAB is in Ireland. Though development of the platform has effectively stalled here, there are some very positive indications in the article. RTÉ are as keen as ever to get the commericials involved, though it’s interesting to note they want them involved on RTÉ’s own DAB platform. [...]

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The credit crunch hits once again … just as DAB is starting to come together. The second half of 2008 was looking good. Recent agreement on EBU Standard Profiles will ensure compatibility across the continent. The UK Digital Radio Working Group are also about to formally support the move from FM to DAB. Now, just [...]

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The public presentations by candidates for Ireland’s DTT Multiplex Licence’s were held today at the Westbury Hotel, Dublin. The ladies above were not present, I just loved this picture from Flickr! On with the synopsis starting with what all have in common; All will use the RTÉ NL transmission system so coverage predictions were all [...]

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